CopperEgg is a SaaS product for monitoring and alerting on your business-critical systems and applications hosted either on-premises or on cloud.

Elastic Pricing

Enables spin up performance on demand just like you can the cloud servers themselves and pay hourly preventing overpay.

Unified Monitoring

Single fully customizable dashboards, alerts, and management reports for all essential infrastructure and application monitoring needs


Converges data together in one place, pulling data in from tools you already use with out-of-the-box integrations and an open API.

Apdex Rating

Provides numeric and measurable index of a systems’ health though the Apdex rating (an algorithm that weighs key health indicators, such as response time, server CPU, disk IO, memory)

Ease of Use

Easy sign up, data collection and pre-configured dashboards give instant value.

Mobile Monitoring

Ability to monitor cloud infrastructure through mobile application for iOS and Android with an alert rich feature.

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EduThrill is a gamified hiring, learning & assessment platform, available across mobile and web formats. It has inbuilt test and assessment tools, making it unique and makes learning a fun filled activity. It addresses challenges faced by today’s HR comprising lengthy interview process and stringent budgets and limited active resource pool. With EduThrill, organizations can reduce recruitment effort and costs by 50% and include superior learning assessments.

It caters to four different set of stakeholders with customized offering for each of these


Improve hiring process for corporates by reducing the time taken, thereby leading to a better ROI

Educational Institutions

Automate the entire education system leading to better academic & placement outcomes


Personalised learning with fun aided with multi-parameter assessments and performance booster tools

Job Seekers and Professionals

Prepare for interviews and getting hired across the globe on both IT & Non-IT profiles

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Codelyzer is our proprietary platform for automated evaluation of IT Candidates on Coding, Design, Architecture and Quality Parameters.

Key features of the platform:
Evaluate Coding, Designing, Problem Solving, Algorithmic, Solution Performance capabilities.
Complete automated assessment providing huge insights into candidate’s functional skills
Thorough quality evaluation and detailed reporting for each submission
Supports multiple languages including Java, C++, .NET, Angular JS and more
IT skill assessment though designing / Implementation assignments.

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