Unified Monitoring

CopperEgg provides essential monitoring capabilities, giving you everything you need to identify and react to cloud infrastructure issues – from user experience all the way to the database. Understanding the complex nature of today’s IT infrastructures, we include out-of-the-box and fully customizable dashboards, alerts, and management reports to match the needs of your particular environment.

Apdex Rating

The CopperEgg Apdex rating is a composite of performance metrics with a comparison to historical norms and alerts you with red, yellow, and green health indicators. So if your server performance suddenly increases above its typical norm, the Apdex rating will be a good sign that something wrong. The Apdex rating is calculated through an algorithm that weights key health indicators, such as response time, server CPU, disk IO, memory, and more against a baseline trend.

Elastic Pricing

The dirty secret of most SaaS performance monitoring companies is that customers typically over pay for usage because they sign up for larger-than-needed monitoring packages. This is done in anticipation that they may need to spin up some cloud servers on demand and ensure that they have ample performance monitoring readily available. With CopperEgg, you can spin up performance on demand just like you can the cloud servers themselves and pay hourly. We believe your pricing should be elastic, just like your cloud infrastructure.


CopperEgg brings all of your data together in one place, pulling data in from tools you already use with out-of-the-box integrations and an Open API. For example, consolidate all things Amazon Web Services (AWS) and alert on ELB performance, RDS Performance, and AWS spend or monitor dozens of server metrics with simple plugins to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, MongoDB, and more.

Ease of Use

The guiding light for all of CopperEgg products is ease of use, and CopperEgg is no exception. Literally, within seconds you can sign up and be collecting data. Pre-configured dashboards give you instant time to value.

Mobile Monitoring

Is there an app for that? There sure is. Keep an eye on your cloud infrastructure everywhere you go with the CopperEgg mobile application for iOS and Android. Receive alerts on the go and never miss another happy hour.

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Set up in 2017, EduThrill uses gamification as a medium to deliver tests and assessment tools, making it unique and unleashing the fun in learning. The entertaining and cognitive games help students to prepare for competitive exams, corporates to accelerate recruitment and learning & development initiatives, Academic Institutes to improve the quality of their academics and become front runners in campus placement, and Job Seekers to prepare and get a job of choice, across all walks of life including IT, HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing etc.

In today's day and age, attention spans for everyone especially students and young professionals have dwindled dramatically. Moreover, with advances in technology popularized by Social Media, the young demography is looking for new, innovative ways to build their knowledge and careers. EduThrill’s key differentiator is that it is the only company to enable learning and assessment via 2 minute competitive games whether it is for learning reinforcement / development, cracking competitive entrance exams such as CAT or job offers etc.

Aiming to revolutionize the way assessments are done, the technology offered by EduThrill is a boon for a country like India where connectivity is a huge challenge due to its vast geography. What makes EduThrill stand out is its’ easy to use multilingual interface, low internet requirement (works on 2G!!) and offline enablement. Moreover, users do not need to invest in expensive gadgets or laptops.

The Company’s mission is to empower its key focus user audiences:

For School Students:

Content and assessments are available for school students from classes VI to XII. Students can analyse their current understanding (strengths and weaknesses) basis advanced analytics and create Individualised Study / Learning plans. EduThrill’s fun and games-based mode of learning helps in improvisation and retention of matter with an increase in student engagement levels and eventually scores.

For Educational Institutes:

The Company aids in organizing classroom sessions seamlessly as well as proctored remote tests with AI/ML integration for preventing people from cheating both for local and global students.

Colleges and Universities can improve their student admissions and enrolments through the platform’s campus recruitment, training and extended placement solutions giving students a chance to participate in hiring drives and meeting their dream companies.

Students can extensively prepare for various competitive exams such as MBA, NDA, IAS, SSC, RRB, Bank PO by tapping into the in-depth question bank across any subject on the platform.

For Corporates:

The technology provides learning and development solutions for corporates. They can fast process employee assessments, hiring and training, cut employee screening costs by almost half and reduce time to hire or train employees by enabling assessments from any location.

For Job Seekers:

The Company’s technology helps job seekers identify which companies are currently hiring as well as also help them in strengthening their individual weak areas. Corporates and institutes such as Acer (for their Back to School Programme), AAIMS, Accolite, Evernote, Kuliza amongst others have chosen EduThrill as their technology partner of choice. There are more than 4,50,000 active end users in India of this cutting edge world class technology.

To sum up, the technology seamlessly takes off the pressure, whether on students or professionals and helps them get better in time management. EduThrill aims to touch hundreds of millions of lives by the year 2022, not only in India but on a global level.

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Our proprietary platform for Automated Evaluation of IT Candidates on Coding, Design, Architecture and Quality Parameters. Following are some of the key features provided by the platform:

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