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Modern, Intelligent Solutions that Enable Value Based Healthcare

Preparing your organization for value-based care is no small (or easy) task. It takes a multitude of operational and technical shifts, not to mention access to the right data to make real-time decisions.

We know that getting the data you need is a constant struggle – data silos, lack of standardization and integrity, ineffective data governance, lack of interoperability – these challenges all stand in your way of getting the reliable data you need to make informed decisions about patient care and operational efficiency. That’s where Accolite can help.

As a leading digital product engineering company with a solid foundation that began in telecom and financial services, we assist leaders in the healthcare industry by simplifying, automating, streamlining and modernizing operational processes that enable you to grasp key, actionable insights from vast oceans of data. We think with the end in mind. Our data science capabilities help you develop predictive analytics and prescriptive models to enable real-time decision-making ability in a value-based care environment.


Clinician Optimization

From the initial patient encounter through movement to different departments and care settings, patient flow is not easily predictable. But what if it could be? With more informed insights on patient flow, acuity and volume, the way in which you recruit, schedule and provide systems for clinicians can be completely transformed. Imagine if you knew weeks or months in advance – based on intelligent use of your own data – how to staff your OR or ED. You can. Our suite of solutions uses predictive analytics and prescriptive models to evolve clinical operations for a value-based care environment.

RCM Yield

An extremely manual process that is rife with errors, revenue cycle is a common source of waste and lost revenue. And, RCM today is inherently reactive and myopically focused only on billable information. At Accolite, we see it differently. Our automated solutions, powered by machine learning, offer the transparency you need to understand reimbursement gaps, prioritize for proactive action and completely reimagine your revenue cycle operations for value-based care delivery.

Data Analytics

We don’t treat data or technology as a commodity. Rather, we see automation, interoperability and standardization as the keys to unlocking your data. Our goal? To make your organization’s data work as hard as possible. Our unique perspective will give you the power to renovate and modernize your business and clinical operations. We will help you use your data to forecast, plan and manage operations and clinical care in a risk-bearing environment.


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